There isn’t much to it (except that there is!) but this is my current full list of technologies and experience that I use to run my ecommerce stores.

My products are all physical goods known as Consumer Packaged Goods, or CPGs.

Multiple of which are Amazon #1 Best Sellers in their respective categories (being #1 in any category on the world’s largest retailer takes a ton of work but is a very fun position to be in) and I have a few more on their way to having the same ranking.

This doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes work and implementation and consistency and did I mention work?

But the cool thing is, once you get it going, I truly believe it is the best type of business that anyone could start in the world at this time.

Ecommerce will only get bigger and bigger as consumers get more and more used to getting what they want delivered to their door step.

We are at the start of a changing economy and we are going to benefit greatly because of it!

So without further ado… my tech stack:

Ecommerce Technology Stack

  • Shopify and Website Development:
    • Platform – Shopify
    • Reviews – Yotpo
    • Exit Intent – Optimonk, Privy
    • Social Selling/Referrals – Referral Candy
    • Landing Page Builder – Zipify Pages
    • One Click Up Sell – 1clickupsell Zipify Apps
    • Refersion Affiliate Programs
    • Ad Spend/Budgets
      • Facebook (Business Manager)
      • Instagram
        • Later
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
    • Content Calendar/Generation
    • Email Service Provider – Klaviyo
    • Help Desk – Zendesk
    • Live Chat – Olark
    • Video hosting – Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube
    • Survey Software – Google Forms
    • Referral program – Refersion (Post Purchase)
    • Heat map and session tracking
    • Hootsuite
  • Analytics:
    • Google Analytics – Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics
    • Build Goals and Funnels
    • Inventory Management- TradeGecko | Shopify | Amazon
    • Shipping Management- Shipstation
  • Build and Implement Digital Marketing Strategy and Campaigns:
    • Sales Funnel Construction – LeadPages
    • Consumer Psychology for seamless Consumer Experience
    • Ad Spend/Channels
    • Promotions
    • Affiliate
    • Email Marketing
    • Bundles/Product Launch
  • Project Management
    • Asana
    • Trello
    • Slack
    • Google Business Apps
    • Dropbox
  • Product Development
    • Research, Test, and Launch new products

Amazon Experience

  • Manage All Tasks associated with Amazon including:
    • Detail Page Optimization
      • Enhanced Brand Content
      • Amazon Storefront
    • Customer Service
      • Negative Feedback Management.
      • Customer Service Management.
    • Pricing and Promotional Management
      • Set, adjust, and optimize product pricing
      • Seasonal Promotional Deals
      • Large Promotional Deals
      • Amazon partnered Promotions
    • Advertising
      • Amazon Ad Campaign Management – Ignite
    • Inventory
      • Sales and in-stock management
      • Replenishment reporting and Management
      • Returns management
    • Brand Control
      • Brand Registry and Protection on Amazon
      • Inquiries into Amazon’s teams when issues arise
    • Review Boosting​
      • Optimize Review Feedback emails​ – Feedback Genius
      • Follow up on poor reviews
      • Sales Reporting
      • Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports on product sales
      • Sales forecasting for inventory quantity predictions – Quantify
    • International Channels
      • North America, including US, CA, and MX
      • Europe, including UK, DE, FR, IT, ES
      • Asia, includes JP

Want to chat about the tech stack or have something better in mind or something I absolutely need to add? Hit me up!


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