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I am currently growing MiaBella Foods, launching Small Food. Big Business., and providing value to my clients through my Ecommerce Consulting Agency. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am passionate about marketing, sales, and ecommerce. From my first ecommerce store in 2010 while in college (sold a year later) to my management of multiple #1 Best Sellers on Amazon, I have maintained a hunger to improve my working knowledge in the digital/ecommerce space as well as growing businesses in a multitude of industries (Real Estate, Restaurants, Non-Profit, and more). I enjoy helping companies diversify their sales channels to improve cash flow and engineer strategies that capture new customers. Keep scrolling to see more of what I am involved in…



Faith. Family. Food. Fun. Follow along on my social channels to get a better glimpse into my life and my businesses.

My Ventures

MiaBella Foods

MiaBella Foods sources and produces high quality ingredients that helps chefs and foodies create memorable culinary experiences worth sharing.

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Small Food. Big Business.

A look behind the scenes of small food business who are working hard to make it big. We connect with everyone in food – From local producers selling at farmer’s markets to national brands with humble beginnings and chefs with a small local restaurant to Michelin all-stars.

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Cogburn’s Big Wings

A combination of Johnny Cash and ACDC, Cogburn’s Big Wings is the family restaurant chain located in the South East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. From a new concept started in 2010 to 4 locations and growing, Cogburn’s is your local watering hole for hot wings, cold beer, and more tv’s then sports to watch.

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Sun Devil Family Charities

Sun Devil Family Charities is a 501 (c) 3 based in Arizona. It’s main purpose is to provide financial assistance to families connected with Arizona State University that are experiencing medical hardship. We currently have two fundraisers every year and all the proceeds go towards helping the families in need.

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Real Estate Back Ops

Real Estate Back Ops (REBO) provides high-end, concierge transaction management and back office services and technology to both agents and brokers.

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